Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thai Trainers

The renowned trainer Hanarong has a rest between training sessions. Our fighters are truly honoured to be exposed to and trained by so many great and experienced coaches.

Our new trainer Shon, will be back in Malaysia to train our Tigers on Tuesday.

Pi Dang Devy, there are three brothers from the Devy family at WMC Lamai in Koh Samui. Pi Dang was Bernard's trainer during his recent training stint in Thailand. Pi Dang was a Champion Boxer and Muaythai fighter. He was also Southern Thai Champion and Rajadamnern Champion.

Santos Devy, Pi Dang's brother and former Southern Thai Champion.

Nen, brother to Santos and Pi Dang. Also known as the 'Little Monk' as he was a monk as a youth. He was also a Southern Thai Champion.

The trainer above is 'Gay'. Gay is his name not his disposition!

Mardsue, the Malaysian Tiger boys love this guys, trying to persuade us to bring him out to Malaysia to train them! I doubt now, with his new fight accomplishments, that he'll be available as a trainer for some time.


MMATC said...

got a lot good trainers and a lot good fighter !!
best gym in malaysia

SA said...

Not all these trainers are at our gym but they have trained our fighters.

Our fighters are lucky to be exposed to such diverse and experienced trainers.

boksingkelate said...

Can you reveal malaysian tigers trainer profile like Anarong. I'm very like him.

SA said...

I have interviewed Hanarong, but he's fought so many fights even he cannot remember how many, definately over 100 fights.He was southern Thai Champion and fought a lot of overseas fights.

SA said...

I hope you like the post on Hanarong.

yeowchet said...

Sorry SA, would like to ask where is the gym and can i call up because I would want to do muay thai...but i do not know where's the WMC gym. I live nearby only..

Really appreciate it and would be happy if I can train there.